Shiur 1700 Series

SHIUR 1700 as part of the Judisches Leben in Deutschland 1700 initiative will offer a series of specially curated immersive experiences related to Jewish holidays and traditions combined with modern German cultural performances, in key cultural spaces not traditionally associated with Jewish tradition, in Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich, and Berlin.

The idea behind SHIUR 1700 is that there is a symbiotic relationship between German culture and Jewish culture—both have been influenced and have influenced one another. The goal of SHIUR 1700 is to proactively cultivate innovative content that reflects this interconnectedness by partnering traditional Jewish content with contemporary culture to create something new and alive. As opposed to offering a voyeuristic “look into” Judaism, SHIUR 1700 takes a partnership approach that will create the latest phase of innovation in the German Jewish encounter and offer memorable and transformative content that is dynamic and will inspire new and unforeseen Jewish German experiences.


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Virtual Shiur

Join participants zooming in from around the world with a special guest presenter as we experience digital transglobal discourse and idea exchange. Zoom details and more are in our link tree.


Join us at one of our live or digital events where disciplines and experiences intersect in innovative and often unprecedented ways.

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